Sex 10/25 Year of the Plague

J was asked by a young person, “what makes marriage work”. Without missing a heart beat she replied, “SEX”. If wine is #8 on your What I VALUE list, where is SEX? Well, what are the items to order?: sex, family, wine, friendship, drugs, food, your mate, music, athletics, good health. That makes 10 items. Any more??

Steping back for a moment, I'll ask, “Now, what makes marriage work is not the same as what I VALUE”? Or is it? I know a marriage that broke up for BAD HEALTH. & one that broke up because of WINE. But back to my unspoken focus. If sex is good , health is probably and not too much wine – just enuf – and you're not hanging out with your friends.... Sex stands alone on the list, but perhaps time spent with children.

Another question arises: Is RANDINESS out of our control? Can you be trained to be more randy? I've known people that climaxfrom walking briskly. Is supression of the desire to rub against something chemical or religious? And who would name a child Randy? Must have been a happy couple.

And a final thought. If you're gonna eventually live with an old person, then, a history of passionate, vulgar, innaproapiate, stinky, sticky, gripping, exausting, athletic, romantic, tingling moments outweighs your cranky thoughts towards the cranky person watchng the other TV set in the back room.

Interesting what I left off the list – religion, politics, math, art, poetry.... So much for sex.