Annie101 9/27 Year of the Plague

Annie was the star of all for me & perhaps many others I've never met. She was bigger than life. At many forks moral crossroads she was the light of truth. She certainly illuminated the catch-22 so important to my life. In these troubled times my progressive framework is strengthened to moral certitude having known her. Most American anti-democratic ideas rely & argue based on the premiss “all politicians are corrupt”. That premiss is used by Trump enablers to build arguments to defend any Trumpian outrage. The roller-coaster ride we're on to the fall of “America the Great” is lubricated with “they all do it”.

Aristilian logic teaches you can ignore what follows after a false premiss. If they knew Annie they have no argument supporting the premiss that “There is no good choice”. No Boyscouts to lead the country like the country once had Washington. Annie became mayor of Semour Connecticut and was one counter-example to that weak argument against progressive policy. “Good idea but the government isn't good enuf to accomplish it.”

Annie was a FDR Democrat. An Abe Lincoln. She was big – her name is part of Uconn's Woman's Basketball history (actually Southern Conn – but who's to quibble). Lincoln and Washington could probably wrestle down most Americans. And so could Annie – over 6 feet tall. FDR I guess not.

She started in Seymour as a HS history teacher, became principal, then headed the Board of Ed then Mayor. She was honest and strong and respected. Her strength allowed her to move things along.

And I lived in her large hourehold (the house Grandpa built) several times. Several formative periods of my youth. I've had friends who've told me sadly that they have no “hero” in the family. No leader to the bright side. If every family had an Annie the world would have no hungry, we would need no locks on our doors. Education would be the pavement on the Path to an American Utipia. Honesty would be valued.

Annie early taught me early about friendship and about putting in the effort to gather/organize groups to live with – to make life rich. Starting at age 6 we – older Sis and I - spent summers with the TT club. I'll use Annie102 to describe the TT club – something every family could have. She also taught me about “having summers off” - a possiblity. And she taught me early about hiding out in the Ivory Tower that American Higher Ed has/had. Will Trump & family grind that to dust.... See Annie102 for the TT club nugget.