Devin101 8/23 Year of the Plague

Always puts a smile in my jaw. Interesting snapshot 101 wireball.

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Wireball  says Wikipedia “is a street game related to baseball, usually formed as a pick-up game, in urban areas of the United States. The equipment consists of a pimple or pensie pinkie ball and a convenient place in a street or driveway where an electric power line or group of power lines bisect horizontally.” The rules: 2 people (or teams). Baseball innings and scoring. The person “at bat”, Dev age 7, stands on the sidewalk under the street wires & throws the tennis size ball vertically hard trying to hit the wires. If Devin misses the wires & the ball continues to arc up out onto the street, then if his competitor (the other team) can catch it, it's an “out”. If “defense” misses it & it lands on the street, it is a single - a man on first now. It's not a single but a foul if it doesn't land in the street but lands on the sidewalk across the street. Fair territory is the street. The sidewalks are out of bounds.

You get a lot of practice pitching hard & on defense, how to catch flyes. Three outs and you switch rolls.

The action in the game occurs when the pitch hits the wires. Defense has to react fast and try and catch it for an out or give up a home run if the wireball isn't caught.

Dev age 7 lives in a Queens NY cottage on a hill, a walk to the end-of-the-line stop on a subway. After being taught the game he played tirelessly when not at school. Dad, or Brian down the block would play or Jason.

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