Channel Jody Year of the Plague 8/13

Radio Jody.... Happily recovering from afib proceedure, So the covid-19 separation and shutdown suits my tempo now. Can taichi upstairs and go for walks but can't lift till the groin heals. so sailing is out. Keeping local in our hillside neighborhood.

Covid so Jody is working using most of the first floor of our small house. A dining table meant for 8 people is covered with stacks of active work projects. There is a just delivered ream of paper for the printer in the front room with me. Trust and Estate Law uses lots of paper meant to be signed and filed away. Deeds, residuals from estates. Wills are not electronic. But she has 3 printers available in the back room behind her work table dining room.

And now the Partner is calling. And Radio Jody turns on. As I take notes. Partners make 5 million a year so Jody is on the clock and at her best. Conversations arranging ex-ambassador/board member/author posthumous activities move the paperwork forward. Paralegals remotely bind the folios. Pdfs are sent out. Work continues.

Almost no one is traveling my daily at home cycle. In a week I'll be able to drive down to the boat and sit. But for now I have this and Radio Jody. But TCM old movies are waiting for me upstairs and taichi.

Wow what a conversation. Thousands of dollars being throw around. Jody acting like an “I've dealt with your issue for 40 years and we've been able to get this transfer done.” So grown-up. And things are transferred.

And Devin calls....Time to order sushi.... And listen in.